Here are infinite possibilities for crafting the perfect cup of Just Cacao. As you become familiar with the preparation of Ceremonial Cacao, the options for a creative concoction are endless. Get started with a simple and delicious recipe, and add your own ingredients as you go! 

The measurements below are guidelines only. Every individual is unique, and your body will be the ultimate guide to the ratios and proportions that work best for you. Take your time, test, and tune in to what your body wants. 

Ceremonial Cacao Drink Preparation 

What you will need: 

• 28 g (1 oz) of Just Cacao

• 200 ml of hot water  

• Spices and sweetener to taste (we recommend cayenne pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup).

Follow these tips and tricks and maximize the benefits of Ceremonial Cacao with the perfect preparation. 

• Instead of using boiling water, use water that is just warm enough to keep a finger in it. Bring the liquid to a near boil, or if you boil the water to start, leave it to cool a bit before blending it with your Cacao. 

• For a smoother, creamier brew, make a paste first or use a blender to combine all the ingredients.