Ceremonial Cacao Drink Preparation

There are infinite possibilities for crafting the perfect cup of Cacao. As you become familiar with the preparation of Ceremonial Cacao, the options for a creative concoction are endless. Get started with a simple and delicious recipe, and add your own ingredients as you go! 

The measurements below are guidelines only. Every individual is unique, and your body will be the ultimate guide to the ratios and proportions that work best for you. Take your time, test, and tune in to what your body wants. 

Ceremonial Cacao Drink Preparation 

What you will need: 

• 20-25 g (1 oz) of Cacao (Chop roughly if using our Mother Earth Block). Our Just Cacao blend comes in pieces for your convenience -so no need to chop.

• 200 ml of hot water (of fill your cup of choice with hot water to see how much you require)

• Spices and sweetener to taste (we recommend cayenne pepper, spice cinnamon, vanilla, local Honey and organic maple syrup).

• If making using a blender, add the cacao and hot water (never boiling) and any additional Extras. Blend for 30 second to get those nice bubbles. Option of adding plant milk of choice (I recommend Frothed Barista Oat milk or Coconut milk). If using a saucepan to make-add everything in and gently heat, stirring and whisking to blend it nicely. 

• Enjoy! Its a lovely practice to use this time to breathe deeply and do a small meditation or mindfully drink your cacao. Make some time for yourself while drinking your cacao - giving your mind body and soul some space.