How To Have A Cacao Ceremony

A Cacao Ceremony can be done on your own or led by a practitioner.             

How to have a basic Cacao Ceremony without a guide? 

1: Create a Sacred relaxed space without distractions

2: Prepare your Cacao with intention -you can manually chop & make in a saucepan or make using a blender. A ceremonial dose can be up to 42g

3: Connection -bring your cacao to your relaxed space and set your intention for the ceremony. You might want to close your eyes and wait to see what drops into your mind -let the power of cacao guide you. Think why you are sitting down today, what you desire to receive or achieve?

4: Mindfully Taste the Cacao, sipping it with intention. Take note of any sensations you are feeling and any thoughts that come into your mind as the cacao moves through your body and into your heart space. 

5: Relax and Receive. Once you are finished your cacao,  I usually lay back and close my eyes for about 10 minutes and allow the magic to work through my body. I play a guided mediation, or do a body scan or just focus on deep breathing. 

6: Let the Cacao energy guide you: Once you feel you have received what you need-Write, journal, draw, have lively conversation (if you are doing this with a group).

7: Ceremony Closing & Gratitude: Once you are ready to close the ceremony, you can send gratitude to mother natures cacao -this can be spoken, expressed in a journal or internalised silently depending on what you prefer. 

Remember, there is no one way to have a Cacao Ceremony-this is just a suggestion!