Mother Earth

Mother Earth Ecuador “Ceremonial Grade Cacao”


If you’ve been feeling low in energy or disconnected , this Cacao will help bring the transformation you seek.

Sourced from Tena in Ecuador, an amazonian region, supporting local farmers and communities. This Cacao helps to ground you & helps to revitalise your body, mind & soul. 

It comes in pre-cut piece's (but if chopping is part of your ritual before ceremonies there is still plenty of chopping to do). You can add to a saucepan, magic bullet or use our hand blenders to prepare - depending on whether you are using this for ceremony or a mindful moment. 

It is a really smooth & easy drinkable cacao and doesn’t leave any gritty after taste. We recommend 15-20g for a daily dose and higher dose if using in ceremony. 

Gluten Free & Vegan 🌱 

To prepare for a mindful moment : 

Set your intention ✨

Add 15-20g of cacao to a saucepan 

Use your mug of choice to measure out how much hot water or milk you need & add to saucepan or magic bullet. 

Add in any spices or honey at this stage. 

We love honey, cinnamon , coconut sugar

Top with frothed oat milk or milk of choice ( not necessary only if you want) 

Enjoy ! Take 10 minutes and close your eyes and savour this blissful elixir, taking deep breathes & enjoy a mindful moment. 💫

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