Many Shamanic traditions teach that plants have a higher level of consciousness and by imbibing them we have access to those expanded states of awareness. At Just Cacao, we don’t just source and process our cacao the way that we do to make great tasting cacao, we also craft it intentionally to maintain the spirit of cacao.  And our favorite way to develop a relationship with cacao is by creating a ritual with a cup of warm drinking chocolate.

You can bring a cacao ritual into any creative endeavor of your choosing. Regardless of the activity, taking the time to pause, inquire and listen is just as important as the task oriented, focused work that we do, and creating a ritual can help with this. It’s often in the moments of ceremony that we can have our greatest insights that allow us to work with clarity and effectiveness.

Before offering ceremonies to large groups, we recommend developing a personal relationship with cacao so you understand how the medicine works in your body. This will help you guide others.