Cacao Ceremony with Nikki at the Sanctuary Charity, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7

You can experience this beautiful cacao ceremony with sound bath and guided meditation in The Sanctuary every month.
The sanctuary is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing spiritual and mental health support through meditation and mindfulness to anyone in the community. This monthly ceremony is especially for people who have difficult financial circumstances as sometimes they need it the most.
The cacao ceremony is hosted by volunteers and community workers to bring the Spirit of Cacao and its healing properties to the heart of Dublin city to everyone who needs it.

Deepen Your Connection with Cacao

The Meditation session starts with a gentle flow of movements and drinking a delicious raw organic, single origin cacao. Cacao is a heart chakra opener allow to create deeper connection to ourselves during meditation. It opens our heart to love, acceptance and letting go. Cacao works especially well with guided meditation as it also increases creativity in our brain as well as increase your endorphin level.

Meditation and Promoting General Well-being

The crystal bowls also helps in general recovery as they are tuned to 432hz that plays an important role in meditation and ensuring that the brain is attuned for the general well-being of a person. The 432-solfeggio frequency produces calming effects, with just listening to the frequencies, which decrease anxiety and stress to its barest minimum.