Spreading the Joy of Cacao

Wholesale prices:

These prices are for sacks of ceremonial cacao for wholesale use such as for usage in a cafe or shop.

For branded items please email us with your specifications and we can provide a price upon request ⭐️

20 kilos: €1080 €54 per kilo)
15 kilos: €825 (€55 per kilo)
10 kilos: €560 (€56 per kilo)
5 kilos: €285 (€57 per kilo)

Please note the prices above are for 1 kilo sacs, there is a EUR 15 additional charge per 5 Kilo if you want them in smaller bags.

We would love to support you in sharing this sacred medicine with your community.

There are two ways you can receive your cacao...

Standard Wholesale

We prepare the cacao in 250g bags, either with Just Cacao branding, or blank for your own labelling.

Branded Wholesale

We prepare the cacao in 250g bags, and stamp with your logo, or add your sticker.

Ask us anything!

We are walking alongside you on this journey to bring the sacred medicine of cacao to the world.

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