Just Cacao

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Just Cacao. Rich Venezuelan Blend - 50 Gram Sample Pack (2-3 Servings)


Who doesn't love Cacao?

We certainly do!

For those who appreciate her heart-opening and uplifting Spirit, we have received beautiful and natural high grade Ceremonial Cacao from Venezuela.

Perfect for Cacao ceremonies, amazing, magical hot chocolate, or blissful energy balls.

Whatever you want, the sky is the limit!


Reusable 50 Gram Sample Packs of 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao pieces (2 -3 Self Meditation Doses or 1 Very Potent Ceremonial Dose!) 

A rich and warming Venezuelan cacao blend to help re-energise your body and mind! 

Gluten Free & Vegan


Serving Suggestion 


Approx. 25g of ceremonial grade cacao pieces 

100-200ml of hot water or plant milk of choice 

Optional-Sweetener (raw honey or vanilla extract work well) 


If using a nutribullet/blender: Add the cacao to the hot water/hot milk and blend. 

If using a saucepan: Add the cacao and keep stirring it into the milk/water until the cacao melts and has a smooth consistency.  

Please note using a hand blender or nutribullet gives that frothy beautiful bubbly finish.

Country of origin - Venezuela. 

Packaged and shipped by Just Cacao from Dublin, Ireland.  

Our ceremonial grade cacao is ethically sourced from the small village of Chuao, which is located within the province of Aragua in Venezuela.

We usually ship the same day as purchase and send via fast priority shipping (both within Ireland and globally!) 

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