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100% Pure, Premium, Organic, High Vibrational, Ceremonial Cacao 100G Bar Infused with LION’S MANE Mushroom. Womens Collective.

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*** Contains Potent Supercharged Organic Lions Mane 2500 MG > 30% Polysaccharides***

100% pure, honest, premium Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality from Guatemala infused with LION'S MANE.

Lion's Mane is a non-psychedelic (and psilocybin free), well studied medicinal or functional mushroom.

And happens to be the Nr.1 Nootropic in the world! Helping to promote more mental clarity and focus.

Cacao is considered a sacred plant in the ancient South and Central America's. 

The indigenous Mayan people have been using Cacao for thousands as a plant medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual body. Still up today its amazing health and spiritual benefits are being honoured worldwide!

The Indigenous family farmers pass their knowledge about the sacred plants from generation upon generation and harvest their cacao with deep respect for "La Madre Tierra", supporting organic and sustainable farming throughout their community.

To protect not only this rare type of cacao (that's being threatened by big cacao companies), but also the life of the indigenous family farmers and women's collectives, and to support organic and sustainable cacao; A high price is being paid for our authentic, handmade Mayan ceremonial cacao. 

Our ceremonial grade cacao is ethically sourced from the small village of San Marcos La Laguna, which is located at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 

100% pure, organic, honest, premium Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality. Infused with:

LION’S MANE Hericium Erinaceus. When you see this mushroom you will understand its name. Also known as “Monkey Head Mushroom”.

Buddist monks used Lion’s Mane mushroom to enhance brain power and heighten their focus during meditation.

Lion's Mane is a very well studied medical mushroom and is non-psychedellic.

This blend contains 100% pure organic cacao, 2500mg of Lions Mane with more then 30% Polysaccharides + the tiniest amount of organic vanilla extract. 


Step 1: Choose your dosage

1 bar contains 100 grams (approx)

5-10 regular drinking servings of 10-20 grams each

2-3 potent ceremonial doses of 33.3- 50 gram each

Step 2: Add warm liquid


(Plant) Milk *Oats milk recommended

Herbal Tea

[Do not boil the liquid or you will lose most of the magic]
Step 3: Blend / Whisk the Magic! 


Feel free to add any sweeteners/ herbs/spices of your choice (this cacao is rather bitter when combined with Lions Mane) 

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