Mother Earth

The “Cacao lover” Bundle: Ecuador & Venezuela ✨💫

£44.00 £47.00

⭐️Total of 400g ⭐️2 Ceremonial grade Cacaos, ethically sourced 🙏200g of “mother earth” from Ecuador & 200 of “Just Cacao” from Venezuela 💫✨


200g of “Mother Earth” Cacao 

Ceremonial grade from Ecuador.

If you’ve been feeling low in energy or disconnected , this Cacao will help bring the transformation you seek.

Sourced from Tena in Ecuador , an amazonian region , supporting local farmers and communities. This Cacao helps to ground you & helps to revitalise your body, mind & soul. 

It comes in pre-cut piece's ( but if chopping is part of your ritual before ceremonies there is still plenty of chopping to do). You can add to a saucepan, magic bullet or use our hand blenders to prepare - depending on whether you are using this for ceremony or a mindful moment. 

200g of “Just Cacao”

Ceremonial grade from Venezuela 

For those who appreciate her heart-opening and uplifting Spirit, we have received beautiful and natural high grade Ceremonial Cacao from Venezuela.

Perfect for Cacao ceremonies, amazing, magical hot chocolate, or blissful energy balls.

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